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Guernsey cows are known for their rich milk and sunny disposition.



It’s here! The American Cheese Society conference begins this Tuesday, in Sacramento, CA. I’ll be blogging from the seminars and events, so stay tuned. And don’t forget that two events, the Festival of Cheese ($60) and the public cheese sale (free), are open to the public. The picture above is from Festival of Cheese at the last ACS conference I attended, in 2012, in Raleigh, NC (that was just one table of about 30, all equally weighed down with cheese). Via Sactown Magazine:

Big cheese coming to Sacramento for 2014 American Cheese Society Conference

More than 1,600 cheese varieties will be on hand in Sacramento at the 2014 Festival of Cheese.

America’s farm-to-fork capital is set to say—and see and taste—cheese next week as the 31st annual American Cheese Society Conference descends upon downtown from July 29 to Aug. 2.

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Much of our staff is lucky enough to be at this conference this week!

String cheese for grown ups from @KarounDairy at breakfast today @cheesesociety #cheesesociety14

Amablu St. Pete’s Select is a heat-treated cow’s milk cheese with a rich, smooth flavor and piquant notes. Read more here!

Cheesemaker Paula Lambert of The Mozzarella Company with her titular mozzarella. #cheesesociety14

#cutenessoverload!!!! Wee Wooly Rind from @GreenDirtFarm #cheesesociety14

The ricotta from @bellwetherfarms is so creamy & good it won a Sofi award. #cheesesociety14

The cheesemaking team at Bleating Heart Creamery with their famous Fat Bottom Girl #cheesesociety14

Just look at those beautiful blue veins in @prcheese point reyes original blue.

Cheesemaker Kuna of @PRCheese with Point Reyes Original Blue #cheesesociety14