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Pecorino (from the Italian word for sheep) describes not just one, but a family of sheep’s milk cheeses.

Newly CCP certified @wholefoods monger Katie Quinn serves up samples of these holiday cheeses.

Delicious Herve Mons Camembert truffle cheese for @wholefoods. Look at the line of mushroom-filled mascarpone in the middle!

Say Cheese with Bill Maher, “New Rule: Americans have to come up with a better cheese to represent the nation than American cheese. I’m not even sure American cheese is cheese. I think it’s aged Jell-O.”

Photo thanks to Lucy McCalmont 

Soft cheese curds are normally cut into larger pieces & handled extremely gently to retain their moisture & texture.

How about a delicious Young Asiago & Broccoli Soup with Black Pepper Croutons to warm you up on this crisp fall day? Recipe and photography thanks to Caroline Wright 

How about some veggies with your cheese? Enjoy this beautiful fall salad. 


Happy first day of fall! Enjoy the cooler weather and dine outside with Alexandra’s Kitchen's recipe for Grilled Treviso with Blue Cheese Dressing. Get the recipe:

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Monterey Jack was named after David Jacks who came to Monterey for the Gold Rush, but ended up selling cheese.

Za’atar Burrata is a luscious cheese made in Massachusetts by Fiore di Nonno. This cheese has some soft notes of thyme and lemon that infuse the mozzarella like softness.