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To make cultured butter, a culture is added to cream during butter production, & the cream coagulates into crème fraiche.

Pigs in Parma feed on leftover Parmigiano Reggiano whey, and produce meat that is deliciously dark, moist, and nutty.

Mozzarella needs to be pressed, pulled, and shaped until it floats like a soft pillow in a fresh milky pool.

Azeitão is made in Protugal by a variety of makers and has a strong taste of sheep cheese and is slightly sour. 

Marie Antoinette played at being a milkmaid with a silver pail and ivory milking stool.

Name that Cheese! This red looking cheese has underlying notes of smoke and bacon. 

There is more lactose in younger cheeses such as ricotta or quark than in aged cheeses such as Gruyere and sharp cheddar.

Check out this delicious Philli Cheesesteak recipe made by Alecia Hahn.